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Do You Really Need Home Inspections in Mesa, AZ?

In a word, yes. According to PORA, almost 90% of home inspections identified moderate to serious problems that had to be addressed. Without a trusted Mesa home inspector, it’s impossible to ensure that you’re making an informed, accurate decision with your home.

At Kei Home Inspections, we work with home buyers and sellers throughout Mesa and the surrounding area to identify critical issues and ensure they can be addressed promptly.

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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Thinking of buying a home? Whether you’re considering a new construction home or an existing home, it’s critical to work with a home inspector in Mesa, AZ. How confident are you that you can accurately spot major, moderate, and minor problems with home systems and structures? While you might notice major damage, what about developing problems?

The story is all too common. A family buys what is supposed to be their dream home. Then, only a few months into their ownership, they realize that they’ve actually purchased a nightmare. Home inspections can spot trouble and potentially save thousands of dollars and untold headaches.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Our home inspection services aren’t just for those buying a new home. We also work with homeowners interested in selling their properties. Pre-listing home inspections in Mesa, AZ, offer many important benefits for sellers, including the ability to minimize surprises during the sales process, reduce negotiations with buyers, and speed up the sale process.

Too often, homeowners assume that inspections are only for buyers, and they’re caught by surprise when a buyer’s inspection reveals problems that make would-be buyers think twice or even withdraw their offer. We give you better control over negotiations, help you make smart repair/improvement decisions, and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free sale.

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120-Day Home Warranty

Every home inspection Kei Home Inspections conducts also includes a free 120-day home warranty. That’s because our inspections do more than just scratch the surface! We thoroughly inspect your roof, siding, foundation, and other major structural elements, but we will also inspect:

Our goal is to ensure that you have the information necessary to confidently make an informed decision and then provide you with the protection and support you need afterward.

Kei Home Inspections – Your Trusted Home Inspector in Mesa, AZ

Kei Home Inspections is an ASHI-certified home inspector serving buyers and sellers throughout Mesa, AZ. All of our home inspections are also covered by a complete 120-day warranty, giving you the security, support, and savings that you need when buying a home.

Kei Josephson is also a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, the Phoenix Realtor Association, and an FAA-certified drone pilot. Take a moment to learn more about Kei and his commitment to delivering an outstanding experience to every client.

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