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You don’t want you builder’s warranty to expire without a thorough check of your home. At Kei Home Inspections, we will perform a complete 12/24 month home warranty inspection to catch any potential issues with your new home.

Inspect Your Newly Built Home Before The 12/24 Month Home Warranty Expires!!!

Upon purchasing a newly constructed home, you automatically receive a 12/24 Month Warranty from your builder. During that time, the builder will repair any of the major items that have failed. However, you must inform them before the warranty expires. The best time to have a 12 Month Warranty Home Inspection is around the 10th -11th month of ownership. 

Around this same time, the builder’s representative will contact you to put together a “punch list” of items for them to address. Your door doesn’t latch properly to the outside, creating a security concern. It could be that lights flicker at odd times or some windows are not opening or closing smoothly. Having Kei Home Inspections address these items in a report will aid the walkthrough with the builder’s representative. As a result, our report will provide credibility for why these items should be fixed at your builder’s cost.

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The Kei Home Inspections Process

Kei Home Inspections conducts the 12/24 Month Home Warranty Inspection like all other home inspections we perform. We evaluate all the systems and components of the home, taking pictures, notating items to be addressed, and providing a timely, professional report. Finally, we deliver the our report to you for you to forward the Builders Representative for their review.

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The Importance of Knowing Your Warranty

It’s also important to know what’s not covered in the report. There are several areas and conditions builders can explicitly exclude from their warranties. Common exclusions include:

Some warranties will cover structural defects to framing, foundations, roofing and the like for an even longer period — possibly ten years. It’s also possible that your state has laws requiring minimum warranty coverage, so be sure that your warranty contract language meets any state or local requirements.

A 12/24 Month Home Warranty Inspection Is the Right Call!

At Kei Home Inspections, we take pride in providing high-quality home inspections in the Phoenix area. If you are coming close to the end of your 12/24 month builder’s warranty, contact us today to set up an inspection.