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According To PORA, 86% Of Home Inspections Found Issues That Needed To Be Addressed.

Here’s the issue you face… Whether you’re selling or buying a home, you need the transaction to go smoothly and ensure there are no major issues with the home prior to the listing or the purchase.

Having a major issue with the home that is found in a home inspection during a real estate transaction can be quite stressful for both the home buyer and the seller.

Buyers can run scared due to a major issue or a laundry list of small issues found during the home inspection process, while home sellers can be caught off guard during the buyer’s inspection and lose their negotiating power.

Luckily for you, you can avoid the stress and uncertainty altogether by hiring Kei Home Inspections to perform your pre-listing or your pre-purchase home inspection.

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ASHI Certified

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The ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI) program promotes excellence within the home inspector profession as well as continual improvement of ACI’s services to the public. The ASHI certification program establishes a minimum and uniform standard of practice for home inspectors practicing in the United States and Canada.

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Meet Your Home Inspector

Kei Josephson

Kei graduated from Washington State University and now lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Kei is a dedicated and certified home inspector, passing his National Home Inspector Exam with flying colors and obtaining his Arizona Board of Technical Registration Home Inspector License.

With a refreshing understanding of what home buyers and sellers need from their home inspector, there’s no doubt he’ll be able to exceed your expectations.

Below are just a few notable certifications, memberships, and associations:

  • American Society of Home Inspectors
  • Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors
  • Phoenix Realtor Association
  • Founding Member of the National Corvette Museum 
  • Sports Car Club of America
  • FAA Certified Drone Pilot

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Active Military and Over The Age Of 55 Discounts

Active military people’s service to our country and people over the age of 55 who have worked, mentored and raised the next generation of United States citizens deserve our thanks. Because of this, Kei Home Inspections believe all active Military and people over the age of 55 deserve a discount on their home inspection.

Senior Discount: $25.00 off or 10% off whichever is more. To qualify for the Senior Discount (55+), proof of age will need to be shown at time of payment.

Military Discount: $25.00 off or 10% off whichever is more. To qualify for the Military Discount, proof of being an active enlisted member in the US Military must be shown at time of payment.

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All Of Our Home Inspections Are Covered By A Free Complete Protection 120-Day Warranty.

Learn more about how our 120-day warranty provides you with security, support, and savings.

Still Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions For Home Inspectors Serving the Phoenix Area

In most cases, one. But, if there are significant issues with the home that the seller will be making repairs, a re-inspection can take place at normally a reduced cost.

A Home Inspection is defined as, “a non-invasive, visual examination of a residential property that is designed to identify material defects within a home’s structure, systems and components.”  It is a snapshot of the Home’s condition ON THAT DAY and not beyond that time frame.

Home Inspections are done in accordance with Home Inspections Standards of Practice. This can be found at homeinspector.org. Some of the items not performed by a Home Inspector are:

  • Perform destructive testing
  • Issue a pass or fail grade
  • Enforce local building codes
  • Determine what a home is worth
  • Repair a home or estimate costs of repairs
  • Report on cosmetic and matters of tastes
  • Insurability of a home
  • Life expectancy of the property or components.
  • Determine air quality
  • Determine the presence of hazardous materials or electromagnetic fields

The first step is to contact your Home Inspector to inform them.

For a pre-listing home inspection, the seller will pay for a certified home inspector to check their house. For a pre-purchase home inspection, the cost will typically fall on the buyer. However, there have been instances where the buyer and seller share the cost of the inspection if they both agree upon it.

As Buyer, the home inspection should be arranged after an offer on the home has been made.

As a Seller, a pre-listing home inspection should be arranged before the home is put on the market to sell.

Home Inspection costs vary due to the size, age, etc. of the Home. For the Buyer’s peace of mind, the cost is minimal. Please contact your preferred Home Inspector for pricing.  

You can find our home inspection costs here.

Typically, an offer is made on a home and then the home inspection is booked. If it’s a pre-listing home inspection, then the seller would schedule the inspection prior to listing the property.

After booking a house inspection with a certified home inspector, you can expect the following:

  1. The inspector will arrive on the property at the arranged time and date. 
  2. The inspection will last for approximately 2-4 hours depending on the size of the property and the inspection services purchased.
  3. The inspector will need clear and easy access to all items and areas that need to be inspected.
  4. The actual home inspection written report is sent to the buyer within 24 to 48 hours. 
  5. The buyer then reviews the report and then confers with their realtor for the next steps in the buying process.

The amount of time a home Inspection takes varies from home to home depending upon size, age, and other distinctive features of a home as well as any additional inspection services purchased. Most home inspections can take 3 hours, plus or minus.

Bottom line answer is anything that YOU feel is important to you and your family.

During a house inspection, it’s important to ask questions so you fully understand the process and are certain of what’s happening. Some good sample questions might include:

  • Is this a big deal or a minor issue?
  • What are your biggest concerns about the property?
  • Is there anything urgent to take care of?

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Pre-Purchase Home

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